Tuesday, 15 October 2013


"The only constant thing in this life is change .. "

I made this huge change recently.  I finally said yes to my SL daughter's proposition of changing my skin .. she won't stop buggin' me! .. She kept saying "Ma, you should get a more realistic skin .. blah .. blah .. blah .." LOL .. you should all meet her! Anyways, I ended up getting a skin from Essenses and OH-EM-GEE! I so so so love it!  I know .. I know it's no biggie for some people .. but for me .. it is!  I have been using this Juicy Shape since 2010 and I have no intentions of changing it .. but this skin change really made a huge huge difference.  I am so grateful to my SL daughter now.  Leaving our comfort zone sometimes is not that bad after all. *smiles*

I'm not the only one who made a huge change.  BlackRose just moved to its bigger and better store! ... no LAG!!! hehehe ... and Vasso will be releasing this new striped top soon! Watch out for it!!! Click here for the landmark.

Top ~ BlackRose - Turtle Neck Top Stripe 
(Thank you Vasso Graves .. I had sooo much fun! *gigglesnort*)
Skirt ~ Aushka&Co - Mini Skirt Tessy Darks (65L previous Stuff In Stock item)

Hair ~ LoQ Hair - Jellybean Brown (70L from TDR Fusion)
Earrings ~ RE - Lux Liana Pack (Thank you Mishomi Resident :*)
Watch ~ RE - Ninja Watch (49L with HUD 9 colors)
Ring ~ JCNY - One Love Ring (10L)
Shoes ~ Kitja Cherie - Coral Ankle Boots (99L)

I visited BlackRose's new store.  Scared the heck outta me!! LOL .. Besides the ghosts roaming around the store .. you will be welcomed by the sweet looking scarecrow and the very friendly witch at their landing area (you know i mean the exact opposite right?) *giggles* .. and please please do not forget to turn your speakers on or wear your headsets ... i am sure you wouldn't miss the screaming girl and the eerie ohhhing of the ghosts!  So again, click here for BlackRose landmark.

Here's BlackRose's new store ..

Change is always good if it's for the better. *smiles* .. Have a great week lovelies!

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