Monday, 29 September 2014

Post #77 - Alone Again

As I sip on my hot coco, memories of him starts to fill my head .. I remembered those times when he would playfully put whipped cream on the tip of my nose .. we will end up chasing each other around the room .. pillow fighting.  Those chilly afternoons when we would curl up on the couch, doing nothing .. till i fall asleep in his arms.  Then when I wake up, he will make me listen to my snore that he recorded on his phone.  Giggles.  Oh and that time when i slipped while i was sweeping leaves outside .. He came rushing to me when he heard me screamed .. As he came running, he suddenly slipped and came sliding towards me.  He messed up the pile of leaves i gathered.  I should be pissed but I couldn’t stop laughing cause he was more hurt than I am.  He is so funny.  Never failed to crack me up.  We were so great together .. I don’t know what happened .. Oh God I miss him.  *sigh*

Hair ~ Lelutka - Bambi Hair
Dress ~ Preptopia - Fabulous Fall Dark Colors (available at The Pier Market)
Shoes ~ Odelitte - Suede Boots Red (available at Four Seasons Market)
Attachments ~ Slink Hands Elegant 1

Leaves ~ Frozen - Leaves 01 (available at Four Seasons Market)
Mug ~ R&K - Chocolate Cup Wellingtons (available at Four Seasons Market)
Furnitures ~ Serenity Style - Autum Wooden Set (available at Four Seasons Market)

 Four Seasons Market ~ 21.09.2014 to 05.10.2014

The Pier Market ~ 21.09.2014 to 12.10.2014

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Post #76 - Work Mode

It's Thursday already? Wow! Time really flies so fast!  Rounds for Cosmopolitan Sale Room and Hello Tuesday will soon come to an end.  You may wanna try on this lovely gown from Poute.  You can have it at 50% off till October 6.  There so many amazing items in store.  You still have a few days to catch em .. So run!!!!

Hair ~ Lelutka - Elizabeth Hair
Necklace ~ Mon Cheri - Snake Back Necklace Silver (gift)
Gown ~ Poute - I Do Gown Black Velvet (available at Hello Tuesday)
Attachments ~ The Shops - Mesh Hands, Feet and Body
Pose ~ Eternal Dream - Trudi 05 (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)

Photo was taken at the newly opened Phat Cats Elite.  It is a member only formal club.  Feel free to visit me there.  I host every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 4pm to 6pm and every Saturdays 6pm to 8pm.  *grins*

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Post #75 - Vintage

Hello lovelies!!

New round of Hello Tuesday started today and we are in the middle of Cosmopolitan Sale Room.  I featured Perch's 50's inspired dress today.  Worn with my mesh body from The Shops.  Added a cat eye glasses and voila! ... I'm in the 50's .. *grins*

Hair ~ Truth Hair - Tulip
Eyeglass ~ Artilleri - Meredith glasses
Dress ~ Perch - Hot Pink Polka (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room
Shoes ~ The Shops - Leather Platform Peeptoe L'Boutons
Attachments ~ The Shops - Mesh Body, Hands and Feet
Pose ~ Verocity - Tasha Pose 1 (available at Hello Tuesday)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Post #74 - Fall

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall ... I live in a tropical place so either I get sun or rain .. I wish i will be able to experience all four seasons .. I would love to see the lovely colors of Fall .. the flawless white during winter .. the pastel colors of flowers in spring .. and summer .. well I experience summer almost all throughout the year so .. *grins*

Four Seasons Market starts today, September 21 and will end on October 5.  Theme obviously pertains to the four seasons .. and for this round, theme is Autumn/Fall.  Items will be priced at 50L, 75L, 100L or 150L.  Please do check us out.  

Hair ~ Mina Hair - Laura
Earrings ~ Yummy Accessories - Vice Hoops (available at Collabor88)
Ring ~ AvaWay - Vintage Ring #4 (free at Marketplace)
Top ~ Lumiere - One Shoulder Sweater Brown (available at Four Seasons Market)
Pants ~ Bijou - Casual Jean #TheMeshProject Installer (available also at Marketplace
Shoes ~ Lumiere - Autumn Wellies (available at Four Seasons Market)
Pose and Umbrella ~ Icons of Style - Umbrella Pose 3 Crazy Dots (available at Four Seasons Market)
Attachments ~ The Shops - Mesh Body and Hands

Friday, 19 September 2014

Post #73 - Wear Me

You won't believe how creative people here in Secondlife are.  For some, this is just a game they play .. but for most people, including me, we were able to practice and showcase our creativity and passion.  I've known this girl Nax Davi for quite sometime now.  She started designing and creating clothes here in SL like 3 or 4 years ago.  Made her own store in Marketplace 2 years ago.  Had to stop due to RL stuff.  Now she is making a comeback .. and should I say with a bang!  I was able to try some of her designs .. and WOW! .. She has really matured in terms of mesh clothes creation.  Can't wait to have more of her stuff :p .. I am really proud of you Nax!  Proud Pinoys! :D

This is me and my lovely daughter Gee (gabriellefrancine) wearing dresses from Wear Me

Wear Me is the brand created by this upcoming young designer Ms. Nax Davi.  It caters to girls, young ladies, women and moms.  Another designer to look forward to!  Her in-world store will soon be open and I promise to update you with it's grand opening.  Can't wait!! Wohooo!!!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Post #72 - Home At Last

"I built you a home in my heart ..."

I've been around SL for almost 4 years now.  Been in a lot of places/sims .. and all throughout those years, I realized that I have never been in one place so many times as I have visited my favourite place .. Baja Norte.  I go there when I'm happy .. most especially when I'm sad.  I took most of my photos there.  I've met lots of friends and great photographers too.  I've always wanted to have a hut there .. but it was too difficult to get one.  But today, i got lucky! .. It's true what they say .. When one door closes, a window opens.  I lost something .. and this is what i get in return.  

Hair ~ Alice Project - Aphrodite (free at in-world store, mini medley)
Dress ~ VG Shoes - Oversized Tee (available at Fresh Style)
Socks ~ Bad Apple Designs - Isis Socks (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Attachments ~ Slink Mesh Hands Elegant 1 and Slink Mesh feet High
Pose ~ Eternal Dream - Trudi 05 (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)

Fresh Style is on its 7th round.  Started last September 17 and will last till the 30th.  VG Shoes featured this super cute oversized shirt at the new round of Fresh Style.  Comes in three colors .. white, grey and black .. and has 4 designs to choose from.  VG Shoes also showcased one of their new shoe collection Barcelona.  However, only silver, gold and black are available at the said event.  Barcelona and Venezia are the new collections VG Shoes recently released.  Go check em out at the mainstore.  

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Post #71 - Naughty or Nice

It is September ... where I came from if the "ber" month starts .. it's also the beginning of Christmas preparations.  And yeah, I ain't exaggerating.  You will hear christmas carols on the radio, christmas decorations on malls, christmas sales, etc.  I wonder if Santa Claus starts to make his naughty or nice list as well.  Hmm .. will I be on his naughty list or on his nice list?  How about you? *grins*

Naughty Me
Hair ~ Alice Project - Melissa II (free at store's mini mania)
Collar ~ H.A.R.D. - Mesh Collar Savage Black (available at Marketplace)
Corset ~ SALT - Latex Corset Coal [TheMeshProjectApplier] (available also at Marketplace)
Suit ~ Gatherings Designs - Latex Suit Red (New)
Attachments ~ The Shops - Mesh Hands and Body
Slink - Mesh Feet High

Nice Me
Hair ~ Eaters Coma - Hair 17 Mocha
Necklace ~ claMberry - Butterfly Necklace Gold (Group gift)
Gown ~ Gatherings Designs - Princess Sequin Trimmed Gown Pink
Attachments ~ Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Post #70

Heya lovelies!

I am a little bit behind on my posts ... little trouble in RL. *sighs*  I might try to catch up .. so I will spam you with blog posts *grins*

New round of Cosmopolitan Sale Room just started last Sunday and will last for two weeks whilst new round of Hello Tuesday starts today! Please do check em out!

Hair ~ Truth Hair - Posy LightBrowns
Earrings ~ Nylon Outfitters & Yummy Accessories - Vice Hoops (available at Collabor88)
Tattoo ~ PerveTTe - My Rosary (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Dress ~ M&M Female Fashion - Willow Tank Dress (available at Hello Tuesday)
Shoes ~ Essenz - Bali (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Attachments ~ Slink Mesh Hands Elegant 1 and Slink Mesh Feet High

Monday, 8 September 2014

Post #69 - Light and Shade

Hello lovelies!

A new round of Hello Tuesday is coming .. and we are already on the second week of the Cosmopolitan Sale Room.  I haven't been posting so much lately (due to some RL stuff .. i know lame excuse :p) .. but if you haven't checked this round of CSR .. you should *grins*

Hair ~ Clawtooth - Fade Into You Prize 14 Rare (available at the Arcade)
Top ~ NS:: - Sweater of Mesh Outfit Sport Gym (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Shorts ~ The Boutique/Clothing - The Rue Denim Shorts
Tattoo ~ PerveTTe - Angel or Demon Tattoo (available at Hello Tuesday)
Shoes ~ Perch - Royalty Sneaks (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Attachements ~ The Shops - theMeshProject Mesh Body
Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1
Props ~ Prefabrica Zoomer - Mesh Scooter (gift available at the Marketplace)

Friday, 5 September 2014

Post #68 - Missing You

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills - Mandy Mesh Hair Gingerbread (available at Fameshed)
Necklace ~ Mandala - Pearl Rain Season 2 Necklace Cream
Inner Top ~ Salt - Latex Corset Coal TheMeshProject Applier (available in Marketplace too)
Jacket and Pants ~ VG Shoes - Rachelle Suit (available at Trend Fashion Fair too)
Shoes ~ Athor - Miranda TheMeshProject Red (available at Marketplace too)
Attachments ~ The Shops - TheMeshProject Mesh Body/Feet/Hands
Beanbag ~ We're Closed - Bean Bag Leather White (group gift/with fee to join)

VG Shoes joins the new round of Trend Fashion Fair.  Started last September 3, 2014 and ends on the 17th.  Here at the items featured.

Happy Shopping! .. oh and before I go .. Here's something for you .. ❤

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Post #67

I can't think of any title for this post .. so I just decided to do what some are doing .. so .. this is post #67 *grins* 

New round of Cosmopolitan Sale Room started a few days back whilst Hello Tuesday starts today.  I should have posted this ahead .. but RL got in the way :p

Hair ~ Lelutka - Margot Hair 
Dress and Jewelries~ AsHmOoT - Dolls Coll Dolly Outfit #20 (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Tattoo ~ PerveTTe - Dark Frame (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Pose ~ Verocity - Harper Pose 3 (available at Hello Tuesday)
Shoes ~ AsHmOoT - Dolls Coll Dolly Open Toe #01/B Black (available at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Attachments ~ Slink Mesh Hands Elegant 1 and Slink Mesh Feet High

Cosmopolitan Sale Room ~ August 31, 2014 to September 13, 2014

Hello Tuesday ~ September 2, 2014