Wednesday, 27 November 2013

New Girl On The Block

Ain't about the (uh) cha-ching cha- ching .. Ain't about the (yeah) ba-bling ba-bling … Singing this song while I compose this new post.  To be honest,  I never imagined myself wearing a tiger print dress and blings. *giggles* .. coz as you can see from my previous posts .. I am into simple and elegant outfit.  Come to think of it though, I've worn lingeries and harness too.  So … not really! hahaha :p … I can be hip too I guess .. hehe *winks*

Hair ~ Lelutka - Scarlet Hair PralineFade
Dress ~ .Renegade. - Orange Floral Tiger Print Dress (Available at fi*Friday)
Top ~ *Fishy Strawberry* - Faux Fur Stole Black (Available at The Deck)
Necklace ~ Vexiin - Jesus Piece Short
Bracelets ~ Vexiin - H Link (Group Gift)
Shoes ~ Hucci - Glynco Pumps (Group Gift)
Attachments ~ Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1 and Female Feet Mid


Monday, 25 November 2013

!Soul Group Gift

!Soul has released a new group gift! It is a stunning mermaid dress with white fur collar.  So in tuned for the coming holidays. YAY!!  Fur and gown can be worn separately.  Textures can be changed via hud.  Lolas Tango and Lush huds are also included!  Go get em! Runnnnn!!!

A 24 hour exclusive Existing Members Only gift was released a day before as well.

Gown ~ !Soul - Mermaid Dress (Group Gift)
Hair ~ Wasabi Pills - Alicia 
Necklace on first photo ~  Lazuri - Sienna Necklace
Necklace on second photo ~ A&Ana Fashion Shop -  Desire Necklace (Available in TDR Fusion)


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Stress-free Weekend

It was one of those days when my SL daughters aren't around and first thing that came in mind was to explore the wonderful sims featured at Ziki's Blog.  I came across this cute sim, Seni Seviyorum.  I so agree with Ziki when she said that the entire sim is a beautiful area for photography, wandering and relaxation.  I decided to wear my new lime and pink dresses, !Soul's new marketplace group gift.  Paired with a casual wedge and my favorite Vexiin heart necklace.  Yay!!! Stress-free day! Wooootttt!

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills - Tanya Rye
Earrings ~ Ryca - Ice Heart Earrings Gold
Necklace ~ Vexiin - Bezel Heart Gold
Dresses ~ !Soul - Pink/Green Lime Mesh Dress (Group Gift from Marketplace)
Shoes ~ Hilly Haalan - Sally Green/Berry Wedge Sandals (Available at Marketplace)


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All by Myself ..

"Everything hurt.  I closed my eyes, pressing my cheek to the street, and waited.  What for, I didn't know.  To be rescued.  Or found.  But no one came.  All I'd ever thought I wanted was to be left alone.  Until I was."  -- Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

I don't know what came over me.  I went to this sim and took this photo … suddenly I felt so alone.  I have my SL family and friends .. sometimes I slip away from them .. always finding time for myself .. reading this quote .. I came to my senses .. is this what I really want?  To be by myself … always.  I haven't been spending much time with my daughters and family .. I will do more this time.  I miss everyone!

Anyways, I shouldn't be feeling low especially when I got this new Trumpet dress from Gatherings Designs.  This is amazingly stunning! Love the red color and it's texture as well.  I even suggested this to my mom as the sponsors' gowns for her upcoming wedding *giggles* .. calling calling Ms. Stacia .. discount please? :p …  This gown comes in 6 colors.  Samba Red, Royal Blue, Pink and Lilac.  The other two, Blood Red and Ivory are exclusives and available at a lower price for the Lubbly Jubblies event at Cleavage.  Go check it out.  I'm sure you're all gonna love this!  It has several options and of course can be worn with your bewbies appliers.  Go go go! hihihi

Gown ~ Gatherings Designs - Trumpet Gown Blood Red (exclusive at Lubbly Jubblies)
Hair ~ eXxEsS - Ciri Dark Brown Hud
Lipstick ~ {Tilly} - Red Lipstick (Free at Marketplace)
Necklace and Earrings ~ Lazuri - Multi Strand Necklace Earrings (Gift)
Ring ~ [ glow ] Studio - Pratis Ring Gold
Attachment ~ Slink - Mesh Hand Elegant 1

Gatherings Designs also joined the ongoing Inner Slut Hunt 5.  Check their blog for details.  Ms. Stacia made this Purple Latex Harness for this event.  To be honest, It was a bit hard for me to post this photo *giggles* it's a bit daring for me … but I guess it turned out ok … smexy actually :p

Harness ~ Gatherings Designs - Latex Harness Purple Charcoal (Hunt item for Inner Slut 5)
Hair ~ Exile - Party Girl Dark Browns Hud
Lipstick ~ {Tilly} - Red Lipstick (Free at Marketplace)
Collar ~ [ SOCO ] - Spike Metal Collar (Free at Marketplace)
Boots ~ !Soul - Part of Mesh Under Corset-Pants-Ankle~LolasTg-Lush~Spank*Naughty

Hope you lovelies enjoy these.  <3

Friday, 15 November 2013

Gatherings @ Bewbapalooza

Hello Lovelies!

Bewbapalooza is a monthly event where 25 bewbie retailers introduce at least one exclusive item for sale in their booth.  For this round, Gatherings Designs releases a tube jazz dress in 8 colors.  Turbulence, Lichen Green, Taupe, Red, Purple, Navy, Hot Pink and Black.  I got this 1920's, flapper and boas feel! *giggles*  

Hair ~ Vanity Hair - Pixivor Black
Dress ~ Gatherings Designs - Jazz Pencil Dress (exclusive for Bewbapalooza)
Necklace and Earrings ~ Lazuri - 3 Strands Pearl Necklace/Earrings (teleport to Sales & Freebies)
Boa ~ Vicky - Boa Black (from Marketplace)
Shoes ~ N-core - Chloe Black (from Fameshed)

Visit Bewbapalooza now and get this stunning dress and other amazing stuff too! :D


Let Us Help And Pray For Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan is recorded as the second-deadliest typhoon that hit the Philippines.  It has caused so many lives and left more than 9 million people homeless.  The Filipino community here in Second Life has organized a fund raising program to help the victims of the said calamity.  

Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising shirts for men and women are for sale at 100L.  You can get the shirts here.

Donation boxes are also placed on the following sims:

Zenzibar Night Club
Liquid Ice Philippine Jam

There will also be a benefit concert on November 23 and 24 from 8am to 5pm slt.  This will be participated by Live performers and DJs.  Booths will also be set up with different designers' items.  All tips and sales will be donated to the cause.

We are appealing to everyone's kind hearts.  There are no too small nor too big amount.  Anything you can offer will surely support the victims' needs.  All proceeds will be sent to the Philippine Red Cross.  

Thank you and God bless us all!


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Seven Deadly Sins of the Soul?

7 Deadly s{K{ins recently released the 6th of the 7 Deadly Sins, Gluttony.  As it's name signifies, the shape is a bit on the heavy side … BUT!! …  still looks sexy and voluptuous!  Included in the package are 12 skins and several tattoo make ups.  Tango boob appliers and  Slink hand & feet appliers can be bought separately.

Gluttony's arrival is so in time with !Soul's new collection too.  I know right! So meant to be!

I am wearing a studded corset with mesh bra, a micro mini skirt and a pair of studded ankle boots.  All of these are included when you buy a package for a very affordable price of 60L. Great deal right?  Besides this one, it has 6 more different colors/designs and one role-play outfit too.  Lolas tango/Lush Huds included.

Awesome releases from these two awesome designers! I am at awe! Ohh? hahaha .. me getting crazy :p  Ok .. before I do .. here are the other stuff I am wearing .. *giggles*

Shape & Skin ~ 7 Deadly s{K{ins - Gluttony
Outfit ~ !Soul - Mesh Under Corset-Skirt-Ankle~LolasTg-Lush Black Spikes
Hair ~ LoQ Hair - Barbera Sweet Blonde (from TDR Fusion)
Pasties ~ Lacy's Apparel - X Tape Pasties (from Marketplace)
Lip Tag ~ Rare Warez - Lip Tag Bite Me (from Marketplace)
Bracelet ~ [Style X] - Bracelet Black (Group Gift)


Sunday, 10 November 2013

**New Release**

BlackRose's new release is a sleeveless dress with low neckline and lace collar.  It is perfect for semi-formal events and parties.  I so love the texture!  Comes in 4 different black and white combinations.  Go check it out lovelies! :)

Dress ~ BlackRose - Ruffle Open Dress

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills - Rene Black (from Fameshed)
Necklace ~ A&Ana Fashion Shop - My Quennie Black Eye Style Necklace Gold (from TDR Fusion)
Ring ~ A&Ana Fashion Shop - My Quennie Black Eye Style Ring Gold (from TDR Fusion)
Shoes ~ N-core - Chloe Black (Exclusive for Fameshed)

Have a great week lovelies! 


Friday, 8 November 2013


Batik is a traditional cloth brought to us by the Indonesians.  They have unique patterns and usually comes in three colors namely indigo, white and dark brown.  These colors are very significant in their religion since it represents three major Hindu Gods.  Whilst the pattern is a way of determining the royal lineage of the person wearing them.  Besides the these traditional meanings, batik simply looks amazing!

I've met one great Indonesian designer who used Batik in his designs.  Olegun has introduced awesome textured clothing line here in SL!  They are Oh So Gorgeous!!  Olegun's newest release is an off shoulder top with 3/4 sleeves and batik scarf.

The ballet flats are to die for too!  So love the colors and the prints!

Olegun is currently in The 8th Unknown Hunt.  This hunt is usually for stores that are new in SL.  It began last November 1 and will end on the 30th.  Theme is vintage and their entry is this awesome red haltered dress with printed skirt and a flower on right chest.  So so love it!  Hunt starts at Juicybomb .. click here for a cab.

Oh btw … other stuff I am wearing :)

Hair ~ [BURLEY] - Vanessa Brown (not free)
Jewelries ~ Lazuri - Classic Pearls (Gift)
Shoes ~ N-core - Lulu Red (Old Group Gift, Not Available)
Attachment ~ Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1 (450L)

What are you lovelies waiting for?  Go get your own batik and show them off to your friends! *giggles*


Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Guess what lovelies?! .. BlackRose's group gift just came out! and OH-EM-GEE! .. It is a pwetty pwetty turtleneck dress with a leather brown belt on it! So so so love it!  Matches perfectly with my favourite booties from Soul!! Weeee!!!

Dress ~ BlackRose - Turtleneck Dress (Group Gift)
Hair ~ Exile - Daydream Naturals (250L at Fameshed)

Shoes ~ !Soul - Mesh Dress/Boots/Belt/Bag+LolaTg*/Lush* - Browny Green (60L part of a package)
Bracelet ~ Erratic - Cuff Gold (75L)
Ring ~ Lagyo - Jaide Ring Gold (70L at TDR Fusion)
Attachment ~ Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1 (450L)

Run to BlackRose now lovelies and join the group to have this lovely dress!


Monday, 4 November 2013


Gatherings Designs joined this brand new event recently called Big Boobie Bizarre.  It started last November 1 and will end on the 30th.  It consists of 30 stores with a few items for sale, midnight madness, lucky chairs and gachas.  GD made cute long-sleeved cropped tees for this event.  Applier compatible with Lolas Tango/Mirage, Lush and iBoob Mesh.  Comes in 8 colors and priced at 25L per play.  

Most items are implants friendly!  So visit this new event and have fun shopping! 



The Dirty Pillows Hunt is having its second round since its launching last November 2012 ...  when boob attachments were just starting to become an IN thing.  Now that lolas and other mesh implants are out .. organisers decided to give it another go.  A total of 50 stores joined this event .. so WOHOOO! I'm sure lots of wonderful stuff are in store for all!  You can read their blog for more details.  Click here for the starting point.

Gatherings Designs' entry for this hunt is a light blue smexy lingerie.  This can be worn with or without skirt.  So cute isn't it?  So what are you lovelies waiting for? Hunt away! ~winks~

The Dirty Pillows Hunt 2 will last from November 1 to 30, 2013.  Happy hunting!


Friday, 1 November 2013

I Will Tell Every !SOUL

I am at awe with the new collection !Soul released.  Shannon made a remarkable, yet again, set of dresses with bags and boots too!  The texture and quality are all so terrific that I would want to wear them everyday! You can have a set for a very affordable price of 60L!  And it comes in eight colors/textures .. Knitwear Mixy, Points in Squares, Red-Black Satin, Russet-Rustic, Three Shades, Zig-Zag, Browny-Green and Striped Dots.

Whole Outfit ~ !Soul - Mesh Dress/Boots/Bag+LolaTg*/Lush* Knitwear Mixy (60L)
Hair ~ Exile - Sparkle and Fade Naturals (250L)

Necklace ~ Lazuri - Touch of Stone Necklace Fuchsia (Gift)
Ring ~ Color.Me.H.O.F. - Triangle Ring Gold (90L)
Bracelet ~ Maxi Gossamer - Athena Gold and Silver Lattice Bangles (49L at Marketplace)

So what are you waiting for lovelies? Tell every soul about it and get one too!