Thursday, 31 October 2013

Gatherings @ BEWBSTOCK

Gatherings Designs is sponsoring BEWBSTOCK .. a three day event that started last October 18 and will end November 8.  This event is all about Love, Peace and Bewbs! *giggles* ... I am sure you wouldn't dare miss it! .. hehe .. I know I know .. some of you maybe wondering why I am blogging this when I am not even wearing one of those smexy bewbs .. hehe .. well,  all of GD's creations are wearable and awesome looking .. bewbs or no bewbs ... So I am sure you're gonna love their collection especially when you see these stunning exclusives they made for us.

First is this Sequinned bodysuit/dress/gown.  Yes! you are reading it right.  This is a package of 3 great great getup.  A bodysuit .. you can wear it with short or 3/4 sleeves .. or with a pencil cut skirt .. or with an opera skirt.  Comes with a pair smexy pumps .. colour changeable.  Available in six different colors .. Purple, Black, Red, Pink, Gold and Teal.  OMG! So great a deal right?!

Outfit ~ GD - Sequin Carmen Black (Exclusive at BEWBSTOCK)

Another exclusive is this cool and hip boho outfit!  Comes in six exciting colors .. the one I am wearing is Autumn .. others are Violet Fields, Raspberry Blues, Purple Haze, Indigo Grass and Aqua Greens.

Outfit ~ GD - Boho Skirt/Top Combination Autumn (Exclusive at BEWBSTOCK)

Other stuff I am wearing:

Hair ~ {Rumina} - Alyssa Brown (Anniversary Gift)
Lipstick ~ .:Glossy:. Red Lipstick (1L at Marketplace)
Earrings and Necklace ~ Lazuri - Lazuri Kaya Necklace 2 (450L)
Ring ~ House of Fox - Forever Young Ring (70L at Marketplace)
Attachment - Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1 (450L)

Hair ~ Analog Dog - Tantrum House Wine (from Freeball)
Glasses ~ ~*IROS*~ Summer Rose Sunglasses Brown (10L at Marketplace)
Necklace ~ MishMash - Boo Boo Honey Necklace (89L at Marketplace)
Ring ~ MishMash - Boo Boo Honey Ring (39L at Marketplace)

So exciting right! So you lovely ladies go check this cool event!  I'm sure you'll find wonderful stuff there! So again .. here's your ride.

Happy Shopping!


Monday, 28 October 2013

Group Gifts!

Hiya lovelies!

Have you girls seen the new group gift of Aushka&Co?  It is so Asian!  It's a hot pink floral mini dress .. with low neckline and a Chinese collar.  It looks like a modern Chinese dress.  So so soooo cute!!  So if you girlies doesn't have one yet .. run to their mainstore now! *giggles* 

Dress ~ Aushka&Co - Hot Pink Mini Dress (Group gift)

Hair ~ Clawtooth - Heck on Wheels Prize 1 Dusty Black (got this from the previous The Arcade Gatcha Events, still available at Arcade Gatcha Yardsale for 50L but on a different color)
Eyeliner & Lipstick ~ Avoki - Lips N Liner New Collections (Gift at Marketplace)
Earrings ~ [ glow ] studio - Kurba Earrings Pink (comes with Black at 100L)
Shoes ~ What88 - Chinese Shoes Black Dragon (49L at Marketplace)

I so love free and good quality stuff!! Thank God for Aushka&Co!

Positive vibes! Love! Love! Love! 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Holy Moley!

Yes! .. that was my exact reaction when I saw Hollyhood's release for the coming Cosmopolitan Sale Room Round 23.  It's a long black and white belted dress that looks sooooo stunning! .. and you can get it at a discounted price of 70L.  It will be available starting October 27 and will run for two weeks only .. so go check it out!

Dress ~ Hollyhood - Black Belted Dress (70L at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)

Hair ~ [Burley] - Stasia II Brown 02 (180L)
Lipstick ~ {Tilly} - Multi Colored Lipstick Basic (Free at Marketplace)
Necklace ~ [Modern Couture] - Delusion Necklace (October group gift)
Shoes ~ Hollyhood - Carlita Heels Black (55L at fi*Friday)
Attachment ~ Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1 (450L)

Have fun shopping lovelies! *huggies*


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Going Bust

Gatherings Designs joins Going Bust!!  This event is a bi-weekly sidewalk sale that takes place in Cleavage sim.  All items are on sale and won't exceed 100L .. WOHOO!!!

GD is highlighting their new release .. the Slinky Jessica Dress .. I wore the orange lace dress on the photo .. and it's soooo smexy yet elegant.  This dress comes with two other colors/designs .. Halloween and Purple Lace.  Another 3 colors will be added in the collection and will be displayed at the mainstore during it's official release.  However, it will be available at its regular price.  So if I were you .. I will take advantage of this awesome offer!! .. so run lovelies!! runnnn!!!! ... waaa!!! wait for me!!!! ROFL

Going Bust will run until Tuesday, October 29th.

Dress ~ GD - Slinky Jessica Dress Orange (100L, Going Bust Event)

Hair ~ Exile - Sparkle And Fade Naturals (250L)
Lipstick ~ {Tilly} - Multi Colored Lipstick Basics (Free at Marketplace)
Necklace ~ Miss LT - Bafonic Necklace (35L at Marketplace)
Ring ~ Miss LT - Amelie Ring Black (45L at Marketplace)
Shoes ~ Angel Alphaville - Series 75 Black (10L at Marketplace)
Attachment ~ Slink - Mesh Hand Elegant 1 (450L)

All creations by Gatherings Designs comes with Lolas, B-busty, iBoobs, Universal Implants, Icon, Foxbean, Sinful Needs and Vstring appliers.


P.S. Hi to LovelyBunny and B *huggies*

Friday, 25 October 2013

A Bug's Life

A few more days to go and it's Halloween! If you haven't found any costume for the parties you're gonna attend or for the trick and treating event you'll go to .. check out these oh-so-cuteeee costumes from Gatherings Designs!

Outfit ~ GD - Lady Burlesque Bug
Hair ~ .ploom. - Mila Indecisive

Outfit ~ GD - Busty Burlesque Bee

All creations by Gatherings Designs comes with Lolas, Lush, B-busty, iBoobs, Universal Implants, Icon, Foxbean, Sinful Needs and Vstring appliers.

Grab em now lovelies before they fly away! *giggles*


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

CSR's First Year

Cosmopolitan Sale Room is now one year old! ..  and to celebrate their anniversary, they are having a sim wide hunt that will run from October 13 to October 27.  So .. yay!!! .. I'm sure there will be lots of awesome stuff there!  Hurry and Go check em out!

Here are some of the stuff I really really lurve!

Lingerie ~ Blacklace - Spring Fling Black Floral Lingerie (hunt gift for Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Hair ~ Maitreya - Piper II Coffee (150L)
Necklace ~ Lazuri - Gift Classic Pearl Set (free at Marketplace)
Ring ~ Miss LT - Amelie Ring Silver with White Pearl (45L fatback, 6 colors)
Attachment ~ Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1 (450L)

Dress ~ G&D - Greta Mesh Dress (hunt gift for Cosmopolitan Sale Room)

Hair ~ Analog Dog - Wound Up Egg (from free ball)
Necklace ~ EarthStones - Gypsy Necklace (Thank you Mirriane Vasilia)
Ring ~ MishMash - Boo Boo Honey Ring (39L at Marketplace)
Bangles ~ *MM* - Wooden Bangle Bracelets (10L at Marketplace)
Shoes ~ Imagine - Wedge Sandal Brown (100L)

Dress ~ Leri Miles Designs - Katerina Dress Sapphire (hunt gift for Cosmopolitan Sale Room)

Hair ~ Analog Dog - Ladonna Nutmeg (from free ball)
Necklace, Earrings and Ring ~ Lazuri - Gift Classic Pearls (free at Marketplace)
Shoes ~ Slink - Lulu Stilettos White

Hope you like the items I found! Go grab em!

Til next time! Toodles! 


Monday, 21 October 2013

GD @ Lubbly Jubblies

Check out Gatherings Designs' entry for the Lubbly Jubblies! They released this Autumn Fairy Costume exclusively for this event! OMG!  So in time for the coming Halloween!  YAY!  What I love about this dress is it has lots of option in terms of the skirt and the top .. You can wear it with a long or short skirt, plain or with leaves, sheer or solid texture.  Skirt and top comes with two colors, Amber or Burnt.  You can mix and match according to your mood hehe .. and of course, you can wear them with your smexy Lolas, Lush, B-busty, iBoobs, Universal Implants, Icon, Foxbean, Sinful Needs and Vstring.  So get your a** up and grab em! *giggles*

It comes with laurel hairpieces as well.  But this Autumn Hair Wreath from Mystic Sky matches soooo well with the dress.  Costs 79L only! :p  I am also wearing Hair from Exile, Breathe Me Afterglow and my Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1.

But wait! There's more!! GD also featured this Mermaid Gown.  It has six other colors but this colour, Burnt was made exclusively for LJ Event.  So if you like this shade .. like i soooo do! .. Run to Cleavage sim and grab this lovely and elegant gown. Wooooottt!!!

Other stuff I'm wearing:

Hair ~ Elikatira - Thrive Essential Collection
(not available anymore.  sorry .. i just soo love this hair :p)
Earrings and Necklace ~ Miss LT - Diamond Drop Set (15L available in Marketplace)
Ring ~ Miss LT - Amelie Rings Fatpack 6 colors (45L available in Marketplace)

Oh .. and by the way ... Mermaid Gown has Lolas, Lush, B-busty, iBoobs, Universal Implants, Icon, Foxbean, Sinful Needs and Vstring appliers too!

Have fun shopping lovelies!


P.S. Thank you Ms. Stacia Zabaleta of Gatherings Designs :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Soul Group Gift

Halloween is fast approaching ... it's Trick or Treat time!!! I'm sure everyone is looking for the perfect costume.  Well, I've got good news for you! Soul just released it's new group gift and it is a very smexy Witch costume. YAY! YAY! YAY!  So head on to !Soul's inworld store and grab your gift!

Hair ~ Clawtooth - Heck on Wheels Prize 1 Dusty Black (got this from the previous The Arcade Gatcha Events, still available at Arcade Gatcha Yardsale for 50L but on a different color)
Earrings and Bracelets ~ League - Wanderer Jewelry Set Black (245L at Marketplace)
Outfit ~ !Soul - Witch Tuxedo+Panties+LolasTg+Broom+Hat (group gift, 5L fee to join)
Stockings ~ FBD - Net Stockings Set Black (10L at Marketplace)
Shoes ~ Holly - Black Suede Carmen Boots (55L available at fi*Friday)

An exclusive group gift was also distributed to existing members.  It's a 24-hour thing.  So for those who wasn't able to get em ... Blehhh!! It's sooo pretty hehehe .. So i suggest .. go run to !Soul and join the group so you can have the awesomest stuff from our favorite clothing store.  Click here again for the landmark.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


"The only constant thing in this life is change .. "

I made this huge change recently.  I finally said yes to my SL daughter's proposition of changing my skin .. she won't stop buggin' me! .. She kept saying "Ma, you should get a more realistic skin .. blah .. blah .. blah .." LOL .. you should all meet her! Anyways, I ended up getting a skin from Essenses and OH-EM-GEE! I so so so love it!  I know .. I know it's no biggie for some people .. but for me .. it is!  I have been using this Juicy Shape since 2010 and I have no intentions of changing it .. but this skin change really made a huge huge difference.  I am so grateful to my SL daughter now.  Leaving our comfort zone sometimes is not that bad after all. *smiles*

I'm not the only one who made a huge change.  BlackRose just moved to its bigger and better store! ... no LAG!!! hehehe ... and Vasso will be releasing this new striped top soon! Watch out for it!!! Click here for the landmark.

Top ~ BlackRose - Turtle Neck Top Stripe 
(Thank you Vasso Graves .. I had sooo much fun! *gigglesnort*)
Skirt ~ Aushka&Co - Mini Skirt Tessy Darks (65L previous Stuff In Stock item)

Hair ~ LoQ Hair - Jellybean Brown (70L from TDR Fusion)
Earrings ~ RE - Lux Liana Pack (Thank you Mishomi Resident :*)
Watch ~ RE - Ninja Watch (49L with HUD 9 colors)
Ring ~ JCNY - One Love Ring (10L)
Shoes ~ Kitja Cherie - Coral Ankle Boots (99L)

I visited BlackRose's new store.  Scared the heck outta me!! LOL .. Besides the ghosts roaming around the store .. you will be welcomed by the sweet looking scarecrow and the very friendly witch at their landing area (you know i mean the exact opposite right?) *giggles* .. and please please do not forget to turn your speakers on or wear your headsets ... i am sure you wouldn't miss the screaming girl and the eerie ohhhing of the ghosts!  So again, click here for BlackRose landmark.

Here's BlackRose's new store ..

Change is always good if it's for the better. *smiles* .. Have a great week lovelies!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Little Black Dresses

Everyone who is into fashion knows very well how a black dress is essential to every woman's wardrobe.  Why wouldn't it be? You can wear a black dress on a romantic dinner with a love one.  Match it up with a pair of shoes of any color and your favorite clutch or shoulder bag .. and voila! Smexy outfit! ..  or jazz it up by wearing a leather jacket and boots for a night out with friends.  With your little black dress .. you can never ever go wrong.

I got this two awesome dresses from LivGlam and BlackRose.  Both are included in Fifty 5 Thursday.  It is group of designers who will place an item or items in their stores marked down to 55L.  New items are released every Thursdays and will be available for a week.  So go check them out!

Hair ~ Truth - Cyanne Walnut (250L)
Dress ~ BlackRose - Vest Dress Black Spot (55L, Fifty 5 Thursday)
Watch ~ [ glow ] studio - It's Too Late Watches (group gift, 50L to join)
Shoes ~ Ju - Charlie Boots Smooth B&W (650L, in three colors)

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills - Andrea Mesh Hair (250L, Thank you Ms. Cecelia Levee)
Dress ~ LivGlam - K Collection View From The Other Side (55L, Fifty 5 Thursday)
Shoes ~ Holly - Black Suede Carmen Boots (50L, fi*Friday)
Attachment ~ SLink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1(450L)

Happy Weekend and Happy Shopping lovelies!


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Soul in Sayawan

Sayawan is known to be one of the best Filipino sims here in Second Life.  I have been hanging out in this awesome place since the day I came to SL in 2010.  I've met lots of friends there, gained lots of lindens too :p and it became my home when I don't have one.  Now, they moved to a bigger and better location! Go check it out! Lots of things to do in there! Click here for the landmark.

My favorite part of the sim is the beach.  I decided to wear the new Soul group gift today .. it's the perfect get up!  

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills - Robin Rye (250L, previous Fameshed item)
Flower Pin ~ XR Hibiscus para el pelo (10L at Marketplace)
Outfit ~ !Soul - Harem Outfit (group gift, 5L fee to join)
Hand ~ Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1 (450L)
Feet ~ Meli Imako - Tip Toe Bare Feet (free at Marketplace) 

Happy Beachin' lovelies!


Bootlegs are Back!

Everyone knows how fashion cycle works .. designers bring back stuff that was fashionable like 10 years ago but better and improved!

!Soul releases its new line .. and yes! ... there are  bootlegs! YAY! YAY! YAY! .. Ok ok! I am just happy because for a reasonable price of 60L you can have these wonderful outfits in your inventory!!  They come in several colors too! ... so run to the nearest !Soul Store now or go to !Soul Marketplace.

Hair ~ Analog Dog - Mint Earth (group gift)
Outfit ~ !Soul - Long Pants + Frilly Blouse Grey (60L)
Ring ~ House of Fox - Forever Young Ring (70L at Marketplace)
Shoes ~ Talyna - Enkythings High Heels Cool Green (Free at Marketplace)

Hair ~ LoQ - Marshmallow Vanilla Blonde (10L group gift)
Earrings & Necklace ~ BBC - 12 Step Tuxedo (55L at fi*Friday)
Outfit ~ !Soul - Long Pants + Blazer + Lola Tg White (60L)

Have fun!! Enjoy shopping!!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Breezy Day

I think I need to go on a rehab ... 

I was on my way home from work ... waiting for the train .. the weather was a bit breezy .. and all I can think about is ... if I am in SL what would I be wearing on this breezy afternoon ... *giggles* .. so as soon as I got home .. guess what I did?

This is what I came up with ...

Hair ~ Laviere - Amanda Pale Blonde (bought this at Marketplace at 50L but when we checked the  
           next day .. price was changed to 250L)
Top ~ Ilaya - Knit Top Teal (from Stuff in Stock)
Skirt ~ Aushka&Co - Mini Skirt Tessy (comes with a HUD, color changeable / from Stuff In Stock)
Shoes ~ Prism Women's Clothing - Steevie Booties (from Best Foot Forward Hunt, ends on October 6)

Have to look for something to eat now .. Toodles lovelies!