Saturday, 28 September 2013

Waaaa!!! Zombies!!!

One non-busy day in SL ... my friends and I decided to have fun  killing zombies .. I have no idea what's fun in doing that .. (zombies freaks me out :p) ... i don't wanna be left alone so I tagged along hehe .. and you guessed right .. I have to look the part before I go :p

Fine! I got excited coz I get to use my camo shorts which I got from fi*Friday ... *giggles* ...  I ended up shooting photos and not zombies when I got there hahaha .. 

Here's what I am wearing:
Hair ~ Dura - The 3rd Year Anniversary Hair (group gift/0L to join)
Top 1 ~ Munique - Gotta Shirt Black (55L from fi*Friday)
Top 2 ~ Jane - Intrinsic Tank Avocado (group gift/0L to join)
Shorts ~ Corvus - Camo Combat Shorts (55L from fi*Friday)
Shoes, Stockings and Socks ~ Just Design - Boots Tundra Khaki Suede (group gift/0L to join)

Hope you guys like it!   Gotta run!! I have to get at least one zombie! 


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Night Out

Guess what??!!! Today is my Rezz Day!! Wooott!!! So ... Happy Rezz Day to me .. Happy Rezz Day to me .. Happy Rezz Day Happy Rezz Day .. Happy Rezz Day to me!! *giggles*  .. We had a really fun party last night .. although that party wasn't for me .. but being with friends and family .. the people you love and care about .. is more than enough!

Here's what I'm wearing:

Hair ~ LoQ Hair - Marshmallow Sand Blonde (10L)
Shape ~ External Apperance Shapes - Braylynn (group gift)
Skin ~  Glam Affair - Candy America 07A (100L gatcha from The Arcade)
Earrings ~ [glow] studio - Kurba Earring Black 
Dress ~ R.icielli - Zaira Dress Black (Vliet's Birthday Hunt / 15L)
Bag ~ Sixboi - Mustache Bag Black (group gift at Marketplace)
Shoes ~ R.icielli - Luna Studded High Heels Black (Vliet's Birthday Hunt / 15L)

Okay lovelies .. i need to run!! Need to rest for the parties later! Ta-ta!

P.S.  My daughter and I after the party hehehe ..

Monday, 23 September 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

.... Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down ....

This song is very appropriate for me today.  Don't get me wrong .. I love rain! .. and I love Mondays! (yeah right :p)  ... but raining when you have a plan to party in the evening! c'mon!!  *giggles* ...  Well .. It's just sad for the reason that I need to plan a different wardrobe again :p ...  hmm .. maybe a mini dress with stockings and boots .. coz I hate my feet getting wet hehe ...  I guess that will do.

(a few minutes later...)

Ta-da!  I logged in SL to give you an illustration of how I will look later *giggles* .. (am I an SL addict or what?) .. I got this cute mini dress for free! Its a group gift from Overhigh .. it's free to join by the way .. and this cross tights from Luas Store,  a group gift as well.  Then threw in this awesome boots by Ju which I bought like a year ago and still love em very much! hehehe .. To make it more realistic ... I went to this sim with so much rain hehe .. It is called Mad City .. It's an RP sim I think .. you can read about it at Ziki's Blog, my favourite blog of all!  She features the best places!  Check it out!

To be honest .. doing this article kinda brought back my enthusiasm for later ... I'm singing in the rain .. I'm singing in the rain .. what a glorious feeling .. I'm happy again *giggles*

Oh and while I'm taking this photo .. my SL daughter was with me .. dancing and afk haha .. I danced with her after and took some shots .. lemme share em with you .. hehe

Will take some beauty rest now for later's party.  Till next time! Toodles!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tank-kies Marketplace!

There are days when my connection is so acting up on me that I can't even log in SL because I keep on crashing ... these occurred most times ... take note! most times! .. when TDR or Collabor88 or Fameshed or any other events start releasing their new items ... *sigh* ... can this be more frustrating?

Today is one of those days .. to keep me sane ... I go to Marketplace and hunt there for stuff to have that are pretty and easy on the pocket.

I came across this store named SX Clothing.  I lurrrrvvvveee their stuff!! I know its winter or autumn for some countries .. but I live in a tropical place so I am into tank tops and shorts.  I call it the 69 store since all items are priced at 69L .. hehe ..

I got this Cropped Top (Strawberry Frosting) and paired it with this cute Grace Shorties - 55L from The Horror! and N-core's new group gift Cuore "Pink Floral" Shoes.

I also got their latest release .. Escape Knotted T-shirt (Coal) and paired it with a White Denim Shorts which I got from Coco Designs and this awesome green satin shoes ... which I super love btw ... from Just Designs.  I got it at a lower price (70L) when they showcased it at The Dressing Room (TDR) Fusion like one or two collections back.

Ok .. I admit that made up my day a bit ... fine! a lot! *giggles* .. Hope you guys like these new finds!  Till next time!

P.S.  Some stuff I'm also wearing: Ring from House of Fox, Necklace and Earrings from Ryca Jewelry, Watch and Bracelets from 7891 and Vanya Hair from Truth Hair.

P.S. #2 Find SX Clothing in-world store here.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

iLike BlackRose

Hello lovelies!

Another great day to get gifts from our generous designers ... YAY!  Check out this lovely maxi dress from BlackRose.

To get this ... all you need to do is go to BlackRose Facebook Page, Like their page then write your name in a notecard.  Go to BlackRose inworld store and drop/drag your notecard to their suggestion box near the main entrance and Voila! give it a few minutes and Vasso (BlackRose lovely owner) will be sending you the pretty dress.  And!!!! ... if you get lucky ... You can get another free item from her.  She usually sends random items to ladies in the store ... and YES! you guessed right ... I got one!! YAY!  

It's a striped loose mini dress which I paired with my new red Color.Me.H.O.F. Rider Boots which I got from The Arcade for 50L.  

So what are you lovelies waiting for ... Like! Like! Like! *giggles*