Monday, 29 September 2014

Post #77 - Alone Again

As I sip on my hot coco, memories of him starts to fill my head .. I remembered those times when he would playfully put whipped cream on the tip of my nose .. we will end up chasing each other around the room .. pillow fighting.  Those chilly afternoons when we would curl up on the couch, doing nothing .. till i fall asleep in his arms.  Then when I wake up, he will make me listen to my snore that he recorded on his phone.  Giggles.  Oh and that time when i slipped while i was sweeping leaves outside .. He came rushing to me when he heard me screamed .. As he came running, he suddenly slipped and came sliding towards me.  He messed up the pile of leaves i gathered.  I should be pissed but I couldn’t stop laughing cause he was more hurt than I am.  He is so funny.  Never failed to crack me up.  We were so great together .. I don’t know what happened .. Oh God I miss him.  *sigh*

Hair ~ Lelutka - Bambi Hair
Dress ~ Preptopia - Fabulous Fall Dark Colors (available at The Pier Market)
Shoes ~ Odelitte - Suede Boots Red (available at Four Seasons Market)
Attachments ~ Slink Hands Elegant 1

Leaves ~ Frozen - Leaves 01 (available at Four Seasons Market)
Mug ~ R&K - Chocolate Cup Wellingtons (available at Four Seasons Market)
Furnitures ~ Serenity Style - Autum Wooden Set (available at Four Seasons Market)

 Four Seasons Market ~ 21.09.2014 to 05.10.2014

The Pier Market ~ 21.09.2014 to 12.10.2014

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