Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Post #71 - Naughty or Nice

It is September ... where I came from if the "ber" month starts .. it's also the beginning of Christmas preparations.  And yeah, I ain't exaggerating.  You will hear christmas carols on the radio, christmas decorations on malls, christmas sales, etc.  I wonder if Santa Claus starts to make his naughty or nice list as well.  Hmm .. will I be on his naughty list or on his nice list?  How about you? *grins*

Naughty Me
Hair ~ Alice Project - Melissa II (free at store's mini mania)
Collar ~ H.A.R.D. - Mesh Collar Savage Black (available at Marketplace)
Corset ~ SALT - Latex Corset Coal [TheMeshProjectApplier] (available also at Marketplace)
Suit ~ Gatherings Designs - Latex Suit Red (New)
Attachments ~ The Shops - Mesh Hands and Body
Slink - Mesh Feet High

Nice Me
Hair ~ Eaters Coma - Hair 17 Mocha
Necklace ~ claMberry - Butterfly Necklace Gold (Group gift)
Gown ~ Gatherings Designs - Princess Sequin Trimmed Gown Pink
Attachments ~ Slink - Mesh Hands Elegant 1

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