Friday, 19 September 2014

Post #73 - Wear Me

You won't believe how creative people here in Secondlife are.  For some, this is just a game they play .. but for most people, including me, we were able to practice and showcase our creativity and passion.  I've known this girl Nax Davi for quite sometime now.  She started designing and creating clothes here in SL like 3 or 4 years ago.  Made her own store in Marketplace 2 years ago.  Had to stop due to RL stuff.  Now she is making a comeback .. and should I say with a bang!  I was able to try some of her designs .. and WOW! .. She has really matured in terms of mesh clothes creation.  Can't wait to have more of her stuff :p .. I am really proud of you Nax!  Proud Pinoys! :D

This is me and my lovely daughter Gee (gabriellefrancine) wearing dresses from Wear Me

Wear Me is the brand created by this upcoming young designer Ms. Nax Davi.  It caters to girls, young ladies, women and moms.  Another designer to look forward to!  Her in-world store will soon be open and I promise to update you with it's grand opening.  Can't wait!! Wohooo!!!

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