Monday, 23 September 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

.... Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down ....

This song is very appropriate for me today.  Don't get me wrong .. I love rain! .. and I love Mondays! (yeah right :p)  ... but raining when you have a plan to party in the evening! c'mon!!  *giggles* ...  Well .. It's just sad for the reason that I need to plan a different wardrobe again :p ...  hmm .. maybe a mini dress with stockings and boots .. coz I hate my feet getting wet hehe ...  I guess that will do.

(a few minutes later...)

Ta-da!  I logged in SL to give you an illustration of how I will look later *giggles* .. (am I an SL addict or what?) .. I got this cute mini dress for free! Its a group gift from Overhigh .. it's free to join by the way .. and this cross tights from Luas Store,  a group gift as well.  Then threw in this awesome boots by Ju which I bought like a year ago and still love em very much! hehehe .. To make it more realistic ... I went to this sim with so much rain hehe .. It is called Mad City .. It's an RP sim I think .. you can read about it at Ziki's Blog, my favourite blog of all!  She features the best places!  Check it out!

To be honest .. doing this article kinda brought back my enthusiasm for later ... I'm singing in the rain .. I'm singing in the rain .. what a glorious feeling .. I'm happy again *giggles*

Oh and while I'm taking this photo .. my SL daughter was with me .. dancing and afk haha .. I danced with her after and took some shots .. lemme share em with you .. hehe

Will take some beauty rest now for later's party.  Till next time! Toodles!

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