Saturday, 28 September 2013

Waaaa!!! Zombies!!!

One non-busy day in SL ... my friends and I decided to have fun  killing zombies .. I have no idea what's fun in doing that .. (zombies freaks me out :p) ... i don't wanna be left alone so I tagged along hehe .. and you guessed right .. I have to look the part before I go :p

Fine! I got excited coz I get to use my camo shorts which I got from fi*Friday ... *giggles* ...  I ended up shooting photos and not zombies when I got there hahaha .. 

Here's what I am wearing:
Hair ~ Dura - The 3rd Year Anniversary Hair (group gift/0L to join)
Top 1 ~ Munique - Gotta Shirt Black (55L from fi*Friday)
Top 2 ~ Jane - Intrinsic Tank Avocado (group gift/0L to join)
Shorts ~ Corvus - Camo Combat Shorts (55L from fi*Friday)
Shoes, Stockings and Socks ~ Just Design - Boots Tundra Khaki Suede (group gift/0L to join)

Hope you guys like it!   Gotta run!! I have to get at least one zombie! 


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